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Oil Change near Me

Oil changes are the best (and easiest) way to keep your set of wheels on the roads of Reading, Boston, and Malden, Massachusetts, for longer. With fresh, clean oil under the hood—and plenty of it—your vehicle will run its best and have a great fuel economy.

Ira Honda 128 is here to put an end to your search for an “oil change near me” with our state-of-the-art service center. With our technicians by your side, changing the oil in your vehicle has never been easier.

When To Schedule Your Oil Change

Routine oil changes have been proved to lengthen your vehicle’s lifespan, but when do you schedule your next appointment? While every vehicle is different, there are some rules of thumb to go by, so you can ensure your ride receives the care it deserves.

Type of Oil

When To Schedule an Oil Change

Traditional/Conventional Oil

Every 5,000 miles

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Every 8,000 miles

Full Synthetic Oil

Every 10,000 to 15,000 miles

However, the best way to find out when your specific model needs an oil change is to check your owner’s manual. This includes a full maintenance schedule so you can keep on track with your future oil changes and other preventative vehicle maintenance!

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Not sure when your last oil change was? Chances are, when your vehicle needs fresh oil, it’ll let you know. Watch for these signs while you’re behind the wheel, and if you notice any, schedule an appointment ASAP.

  • Dark, dirty, or sludgy oil
  • Poor performance or diminished fuel economy
  • Strange noises coming from the engine
  • Excess vehicle exhaust
  • Check engine or check oil dashboard light is on

Schedule an Oil Change at Ira Honda 128 Today!

Want to make sure you and your beloved vehicle share many more miles on the Reading, Boston, or Malden, MA, roads? Then visit our service center for your car’s next oil change. Our technicians will get you in and out quickly, so you can enjoy a great performance quicker.

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